Application of Digital PCR in Molecular Diagnostics – by Dr. Johnson Ng, JN Medsys

We are honored to share that our CEO, Dr. Johnson Ng has been invited by Danaher corporation as their keynote speaker in their upcoming Life Sciences e-seminar series.

This is a 4 days seminar, where you can learn about different parts of the life science industry.

Join us for this e-seminar to hear from Dr. Ng about the application of digital PCR.
Date: Thursday, July 22, 2021
Time: 9:40 AM, Singapore Time
Duration: 30 mins    

With increased emphasis on precision medicine to customize treatment options based on an individual’s genetic makeup, a myriad of cutting-edge technologies have been developed for molecular profiling. Among these, digital PCR has demonstrated higher sensitivity, precision, and robustness compared to other molecular-based techniques.  In this presentation, we will present the ClarityTM Digital PCR system and elaborate on how it can be adopted for clinical applications. The data presented will highlight the effectiveness of the ClarityTM digital PCR system to perform sensitive, precise, and high-throughput DNA quantification on clinical samples. 

Register in advance for this e-seminar below at the “Register here” button.   
Invite your friends to join you too! We hope to see you there!

Warm wishes
JN Medsys Pte Ltd