DNA/RNA Quantification Services

with Redefined Products

As the need for DNA and RNA quantification increases, we are bringing you the ease and comfort of the digital PCR service to your doorstep. Digital PCR (dPCR) is the solution for absolute quantification with superior accuracy. It is able to quantify all nucleic acid based samples.

Clarity Digital PCR supports it with minimal sample loss. This is particularly a great advantage for low viral/bacterial count or rare target mutation. Furthermore, Clarity dPCR provides a fast turnaround time.


JN Medsys offers digital PCR services using in-house developed Clarity digital PCR to support your projects. We are the developer of the digital PCR system and specialize in related assay developments, validations, and sample testings.


Bringing you the latest technology, keeping up with the advancement –  This is a hassle-free solution brought to you. We help you to do the work.

Digital PCR Applications

Cancer biomarker discovery

Point mutations

Absolute quantification of standards

Infectious disease

Rare variant detections

Next generation sequencing (NGS)

Genomic alterations

Gene expression analysis

Characterization of low-fold changes

Copy number variant analysis

SNP genotyping

GMO detection and contamination assessment

Pathogen detection and load determination

Clarity Digital PCR Advantages

Absolute Quantification

Superior Accuracy

High Precision

Minimum Sample Loss

Fast Turnaround Time

Ability to design your own assay

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