Clarity™ Digital PCR Technology

Developed with the user in mind, the Clarity™ digital PCR system offers a new paradigm in the absolute quantification of target nucleic acids with high precision, accuracy and sensitivity.

Clarity™ Tube-Strip

The unique chip-in-a-tube design combines the robustness of chip-based partitioning with the ease-of-use of a tube-strip. Each PCR mix is rapidly subdivided into 10,000 partitions by a high-density chip within each tube. The high-density chip allows a large number of partitions to exist within the small confines of a PCR tube. Partitioning can be completed within 1 minute and is done in-tube without multiple pipetting steps.

Each PCR mix subdivided into 10,000 partitions per tube

Minimal sample loss, stable partitions

Compatible with conventional thermal cyclers

Intuitive tube-strip design

8 reactions partitioned per tube-strip in approximately 1 minute

Performs up to 96 digital PCR reactions per run


Auto Loader

The nifty Clarity™ auto loader simplifies one of the most important steps in digital PCR – sample partitioning. Its clever design allows the user to easily load the PCR samples onto the disposable sample loading kit. Once all 8 samples are loaded, the single touch of a button automatically transfers the samples into the tube-strip and uniformly distributes each sample over the chip. The end result is that 8 samples are subdivided into approximately 10,000 partitions each. All these only in about a minute! Truly, sample loading and partitioning for digital PCR have never been easier.

10,000 partitions per tube

8 reactions partitioned per tube-strip within 1 min

Small footprint & lightweight

Performs up to 96 digital PCR reactions per run

Auto Loader


Sealing Enhancer

The high density chip within the Clarity™ tube-strip makes it possible to have up to 10,000 partitions within the small confines of a 0.2 mL tube. This unique and innovative design means that the partitions on chip are extremely closely packed. Due to its close proximity, it is absolutely critical that these partitions be effectively sealed in order to eliminate cross-contamination. The Clarity™Sealing Enhancer employs a proprietary method to increase the separation between adjacent partitions when subsequently filled with the Sealing Fluid. Without the Sealing Enhancer, eliminating cross-contamination between partitions would be impossible. The Sealing Enhancer is surely the unsung hero within the family.

Eliminates cross-contamination between the high density partitions

Automated, minimal hands on time

Small footprint

8 reactions at a time

Clarity™ Reader

Designed to work with the tube-strips, the Clarity™ reader allows fluorescent signals from every single partition of the digital PCR reactions to be detected with high sensitivity. Unlike droplet-based systems, partitions in each tube are detected concurrently, saving time and allowing tube-strips to be read in just minutes. Closed tube format prevents cross contamination among reactions. Walk away operation allows multiple reactions to be read automatically with no user intervention, providing an easy workflow for high throughput digital PCR experiments.


Reads 4 tube-strips or 32 reactions

2-colour detection: FAM and VIC/HEX

Automated, walk away operation

Closed tube system to minimise contamination

Absolute Quantification
Detects and measures nucleic acid copies with high precision and sensitivity
Closed Tube Format
Prevents cross contamination among reactions
Chip-Based Partitioning

Stable partitions minimises sample loss

Easy Workflow
Unique chip-in-a-tube design simplifies digital PCR workflow
Performs up to 96 digital PCR reactions per run; Well-suited for high throughput analysis
Compatible with conventional thermal cyclers; Optimised for both probe-based and EvaGreen® assays
Competitively priced to fit most budgets


Reaction volume15 µl
Partitions per reaction10,000
Partition volume1.336 nL
Reaction per strip8
Tube capacity0.2 ml
Thermal cyclingDeep well thermal cycler for 0.2 ml tubes with adjustable ramp rate
Reader throughput32
ChemistriesTaqMan® and SYBR® Green/EvaGreen®
Detection channels2-colors: FAM™, VIC/HEX™
Detection modeEnd point
Light sourceHigh power LED
Number of LED light source1
Reader interfaceUSB and Ethernet
Auto Loader Dimensions(W)12 cm x (H)11.5 cm x (D)18 cm, 1 kg
Sealing Enhance Dimensions(W)18 cm x (H)11 cm x (D)29 cm, 4 kg
Reader Dimensions(W)25 cm x (H)42.5 cm x (D)31 cm, 10 kg

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Clarity™ Consumables PackageClarity™ Tube-strip (set of 12)
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