Clarity Plus

The Clarity Plus digital PCR system is the latest offering from JN Medsys that offers unprecedented specifications and performance for your absolute quantification needs. With 45,000 partitions per reaction on a high-density chip, it provides higher resolution, sensitivity and dynamic range for your quantifying RNA and DNA. It features a 6-colour detection system that allows for multiplexed quantification in each reaction chip.  These represent a significant upgrade from the first generation Clarity system. In spite of these, the Clarity Plus retains the easy workflow and high-throughput capabilities of the first generation system. Taken together, the Clarity Plus has undoubtedly one of the best specifications in any digital PCR system to date. Try it now to feel its power.




High resolution

Samples are subdivided into more than 40,000 partitions per reaction. Single molecule analysis of these partitions provide higher sensitivity and better accuracy for quantification of DNA/RNA over a wider dynamic range of concentrations.


colour detection


High multiplex

Absolute quantification of up to 6 targets can be achieved without the need for references and standards. Better quality data can now be attained using fewer reactions and at lower costs. It is now possible to perform high multiplexed digital PCR.




High throughput

Sample throughput is not compromised. Run up to 96 reactions at once to analyze hundreds of different targets in a single digital PCR run while generating millions of data points. Such performance opens up more applications for digital PCR like never before.

tubestrip cplus



The tube-strips are the workhorse of the entire system. These are no ordinary tube-strips. Embedded inside each tube is a high density chip. When the sample is added inside each tube, it gets delivered over the top surface of the chip. Capillary forces then draw the sample into the chip, resulting in the sample being rapidly subdivided into more than 40,000 partitions per chip. Up to 8 samples can be loaded in a single tube-strip. There is no complex microfluidics involved. Analysis can be done on a single chip with 40,000 partitions, or several chips can be combined to yield more than 320,000 partitions in each tube-strip! The partitions remained inside the tube throughout the digital PCR process. Such incredible performance and unprecedented flexibility
Side view of a tube with the chip embedded within. Each chip can yield more than 40,000 partitions

Load and partition

Using the Auto Loader, 8 samples at a time are loaded and pushed into the chips. Each is then subdivided into more than 40,000 high density partitions. There is minimal sample loss and no dead volume.


The Sealing Enhancer increases the separation between adjacent partitions. Addition of the Sealing Fluid seals and discretizes the partitions.

Thermal cycle

Tube-strips are placed onto a deep 96-well thermal cycler for amplification. Up to 12 tube-strips (or 96 reactions) can be run each time. There is also the flexibility to run fewer strips.


After amplification, tube-strips are placed into the Reader for endpoint signal readout. Multiplexed analysis is achieved with the 6 detection channels that can detect several targets in each chip.


Powered by AI, the software uses a proprietary method to identify every single partition from each chip. Following that,  it classifies each partition into positive and negative based on their intensities. With that information and using Poisson statistics, highly multiplex absolute quantification is achieved on the Clarity Plus.

Absolute Quantification
Detects and measures nucleic acid copies with high precision and sensitivity
Closed Tube Format
Prevents cross contamination among reactions
Chip-Based Partitioning

Stable partitions minimises sample loss

Easy Workflow
Unique chip-in-a-tube design simplifies digital PCR workflow
Performs up to 96 digital PCR reactions per run; Well-suited for high throughput analysis
Compatible with conventional thermal cyclers; Optimised for both probe-based and EvaGreen® assays
Competitively priced to fit most budgets


Reaction volume15 µl
Partitions per reaction40,000
Partition volume0.3 nL
Reaction per strip8
Tube capacity0.2 ml
Thermal cyclingDeep well thermal cycler for 0.2 ml tubes with adjustable ramp rate
Reader throughput32
ChemistriesTaqMan® and SYBR® Green/EvaGreen®
Detection channels6-colors: FAM™, HEX™, ATTO™ 550, Texas Red®, Cy5™, and Cy5.5™
Detection modeEnd point
Light sourceHigh power LED
Number of LED light source2
Reader interfaceUSB and Ethernet
Auto Loader Dimensions(W)12 cm x (H)11.5 cm x (D)18 cm, 1 kg
Sealing Enhance Dimensions(W)18 cm x (H)11 cm x (D)29 cm, 4 kg
Reader Dimensions(W)25 cm x (H)42.5 cm x (D)31 cm, 10 kg

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Clarity Plus™ Digital PCR SystemClarity™ Auto Loader
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Clarity Plus™ Consumables PackageClarity Plus™ Tube-strip (set of 12)
Clarity™ Sample Loading Kit (set of 12)
Clarity™ Sealing Fluid (30ml)
Clarity Plus™ JN Solution (3 x 50µL)
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