Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)


At the core of our Clarity and Clarity Plus digital PCR systems is the chip-in-tube. The 10,000 or 40,000 chip is inserted into a customized tube-strip.
Currently the 10,000 partition chips can be used on both Clarity™ and Clarity Plus™ systems and the 40,000 partition chips can only be used on the Clarity Plus™ systems.
The dynamic range for 10,000 chips is 0.067 - 3,000 copies/μl (reaction concentration) The dynamic range for 40,000 chips is 0.067 - 20,000 copies/μl (reaction concentration) If 1μl of sample is loaded into 14μl of reaction mix, The dynamic range for 10,000 chips is 1.00 - 33,600 copies/μl (sample concentration) The dynamic range for 40,000 chips is 1.00 - 300,000 copies/μl (sample concentration)
The number of partitions that will be filled is dependent on the volume of reaction mix loaded. For example: Partition volume for 10,000 chip is 1.336. Number of partitions when 15μl is loaded is 15,000nl / 1.336nl / partitions = 11,227 partitions
The size of Clarity™ 10k chips is 1.336nl
We recommend reading to be done within 4 hours of PCR. However, in house studies have shown that results can still be read from tube-strips over a 7 day period.
Although possible, we highly discourage users from doing this. Users will face problems such as 1) possible contamination issue due to reusing consumables and 2) insertion into viewing jig. Amongst dPCR systems, Clarity™ tube-strips allows for a minimum run size of 8 which is one of the lower per run sizes.
We encourage users to store the Clarity™ tube strip in a dry area at room temperature
To run a Clarity™ Digital PCR, a single use Clarity™ tube-strip and sample loading kit (includes platform and slider) are required.