Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)


Clarity and Clarity Plus systems are compatible with SyBr and Evagreen intercalating dyes. Do contact us as we carry our own dye based mastermixes. Other dye mastermixes may have varying performances on our systems
For probe based assays, primer concentrations from 100nM to 1uM were tested without any issues. For dye based assays, primer concentration range from 50nM to 400nM
Various probe concentrations from 100nM to 500nM have shown work well. Usually a concentration of 300nM will be sufficient but it is dependent on 1) amplification efficiency, 2) primer concentration, 3) assay type, 4) probe design and 5) quencher used
Clarity and Clarity Plus systems are open systems which allows end users to test the compatibility of their mastermixes on the system. Please contact us if you want to evaluate your mastermixes on our system.
Yes, you can perform one-step RT-PCR in our chips using our Clarity RT-dPCR mastermix.
Our Clarity and Clarity Plus systems do not require a reference dye.