Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Clarity™ and Clarity Plus™ Digital PCR

The Clarity™ and Clarity Plus™ digital PCR system is currently research use only (RUO). However, the system can still be used for diagnostic purposes with lab developed tests.
The Clarity™ and Clarity Plus™ digital PCR systems are currently not CE-marked. We are working towards this certification so stay tune to our latest updates.
Clarity™ and Clarity Plus™ digital PCR systems can be used for: 1) Rare target mutation 2) Gene expression 3) Copy number variation analysis 4) NGS quantification 5 DNA methylation 6) GMO analysis 7) Viral load quantification 8) Bacteria quantification In principle, any applications that involves PCR can be used with Clarity™ digital PCR system.
It is recommended to run a minimum of 8 samples and a maximum according to the number of PCR machines available. This is possible because the reading of the strips is fast and the Clarity reader allows up to 32 samples to be read at one go in 15 minutes. Typically 96 samples will take a total of 4 hours.
The Clarity Reader detects for FAM and HEX fluorophores. Any fluorophores that shares similar excitation and emission spectrum should be compatible. The Clarity Plus reader detects for 6 colours (FAM, HEX, ATTO550, Texas Red, Cy5 and Cy5.5) and can detect up to 5 colours simultaneously.
For simple calculation, 96 samples will take around 4 hours for Clarity system and 5 hours for Clarity Plus system. Assuming a single work day of 8 hours, 192 or 150 samples can be ran per day respectively.
Auto Loader Dimensions: (W)12 cm x (H)11.5 cm x (D)18 cm, 1 kg Sealing Enhance Dimensions: (W)18 cm x (H)11 cm x (D)29 cm, 4 kg Reader Dimensions: (W)25 cm x (H)42.5 cm x (D)31 cm, 10 kg
A fluorescence cross talk is when light emitted from an unintended fluorophore gets detected. For example some light from the ATTO dye may be picked by the Texas Red channel.
End users can 1) look at the negative loaded wells for orderly arrangement, 2) look at uniform positive well detection, 3) look at the total partition number
All Clarity and Clarity Plus systems are calibrated in house and transport test have shown that the readers remain calibrated after transportation.
Our compatible fluorophores for Clarity system are FAM and HEX. Clarity Plus system would see our capability expanded to include ATTO550, Texas Red, Cy5 and Cy5.5. Any fluorophores that have the same excitation and emission spectrum should also be compatible with our systems.