We are honored to invite Prof. Joy Pang from SIT and Dr. Wu Xiaolin from SMART CAMP as our guest speakers to present their research in this seminar.

Key Objective:
– Basic understanding of the latest technology – Digital PCR and CRISPR-based method
– Benefits of digital PCR – absolute quantification and detection of low abundance targets
– Applications of digital PCR in research and clinical use    

JN Medsys x SIT:Hide and Seek: Digital PCR for detection of low-abundance biologicals

Prof. Joy will be talking about digital PCR as an excellent tool for detecting low-abundance targets. She will be presenting data from some of her research to show the benefits and applications of dPCR.

JN Medsys x SMART CAMP: A RApid DIgital Crispr Approach (RADICA) for the detection and absolute quantification of nucleic acids

Dr. Wu will be talking about her recent research on a RApid DIgital CRISPR-based Approach (RADICA) using the Clarity digital PCR for absolute quantification in 40-60 mins. In this webinar, she will discuss about the basis of digital PCR and how RADICA enables rapid and sensitive absolute quantification of nucleic acids which can be widely applied across clinical, research, and biomanufacturing areas.

Join us for this webinar to hear from Prof. Pang and Dr. Wu about the application of digital PCR!
Date: Friday, September 17, 2021
Time: 2:30 PM, Singapore Time
Duration: 1 hour    

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Warm wishes
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