Dr. Meng-Han Kuok

Dr. Meng-Han KUOK



Meng-Han is Founder of Camtech Management, an incubator of early-stage technology start-ups in the fields of microfluidics, lab on a chip, wireless sensing and biotechnology. Other than mentoring promising companies, he is also passionate about novel lab on chip based solutions for biomedical diagnostics and biotech applications, integrating innovative technology and design in microfluidics, biological sensing and cell manipulation. He received a Ph.D from the University of Cambridge, Institute of Biotechnology, where he worked in Professor Chris Lowe’s lab on integrating holographic biosensors into a lab on chip device. He also developed a patented method for rapid sample concentration within microfluidic devices. These are currently being further developed by into a commercial pathogen detection device.


His earlier commercial experience was as business development manager in a Cambridge, UK based consultancy firm specialising in technology commercialisation. He worked on financing of early stage technology companies, and was responsible for obtaining consulting projects with government agencies on development strategy and technology transfer capabilities in micro and nanotechnology.


Meng-Han also holds both Bachelor and Masters degrees in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Cambridge