Hepatitis B (HBV) Quantification Kit

The hepatitis B virus (HBV) is a global human pathogen that causes transient and chronic infections of the liver. The virus can be transmitted by contact with blood or other body fluids from an infected patient. Accurate detection and quantification of HBV DNA plays a vital role in diagnosing HBV infection and monitoring the efficacy of antiviral therapy. The ClarityTM HBV quantification kit is developed for sensitive and precise quantification of HBV DNA from human blood samples, and targets the S region of all HBV genotypes (A-H).



Precise quantification of DNA from all 8 HBV genotypes

Ease of Use

Low hands-on-time, compatible with most conventional thermal cyclers

High Sensitivity

Optimized to detect <0.5 copy/μL reaction

Manufactured in Singapore under ISO 13485

High Throughput Analysis

Analyze up to 96 reactions in 4 hours

Product Performance


The Clarity™ HBV quantification kit includes a specially formulated primer and probe mix that enables precise detection of the S region from all 8 HBV genotypes in a single test.

The sensitivity and linear range of detection of the kit were validated through quantification of the S region of HBV. The kit, when used with the Clarity™ dPCR system, demonstrated a detection limit of  <0.5 copies/µL reaction and excellent linearity across a dynamic range from 0 – 3000 copies/ µL reaction.


TechnologyDigital PCR
Target SequenceS region of all HBV genotypes (A-H)
Sensitivity (LOD)< 0.5 copy /µL reaction
Time to Result< 4 h
Linear Range of Measurement0 – 3000 copies /µL reaction
Specimen TypeHuman plasma or serum samples
Reporting FormatResults reported in copies /µL
Instrument TestedClarity™ digital PCR system (Cat. No. 10001)
Additional Material RequiredClarity™ consumables package (Cat. No. 10011)
Detection ChannelsFAM
Kit Storage-20°C, avoid repeated freezing and thawing of kit contents

Ordering Information

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